We're creating the world's first eco-friendly drop-shipping platform which lets you customize, buy, and sell apparel and merchandise, all on the same website.

We're empowering designers and entrepreneurs to create and sell their own designs on our platform or their own while earning passive income. We want to make a change in the fashion industry by incentivizing sustainable shopping with a circular economy and wholistic system that rewards people for choosing sustainability over fast fashion. Join our Kickstarter to get access to this brand new platform once it launches!

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We're making it easier than ever to create custom clothing & merchandise for your brand

Our all-in-one platform empowers creative artists and aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own business, create a custom uniform for their team, or just browse our collection of sustainable products. No other company lets you customize, buy, and sell sustainable apparel and merchandise all on the same platform, and we want to be the first ones to do it.

Customize your clothes the way you want it

Print or embroider your custom graphic design on any of the sustainable apparel or merchandise we sell on our website. All designs are printed with water based eco-friendly ink on premium athleticwear and accessories. You can also choose from designs others have uploaded, our own brand of clothing, or just plain with no design.

Circular and incentivized economy

We want to create a brand new system which incentivizes and rewards people for shopping sustainably, while also creating a zero waste platform where everything is recycled and reused rather than thrown away. People are rewarded with Respect Points (RP) for every purchase which can be redeemed as discounts and free stuff.

Earn money doing what you love

We are the only drop-shipping platform which lets you sell your designs on our website in addition to your own. This makes it easier for you to earn passive income and takes the hard work out of starting a clothing company or designing branded merchandise. We're creating a company that promotes an active and wholistic lifestyle which benefits everyone, including the environment.

After our Kickstarter campaign is complete, we will create a new platform with a website and mobile app so you can take care of business anywhere in the world. Take a peak at what our future platform will look like and all its cool features.


Our goal is to create a 100% sustainable & self-sufficient drop-shipping platform by the year 2023.


Drop-Shipping & P.O.D. Services

You can start your own clothing company from home without any start-up costs or minimum inventory. We only print designs on our products after they're ordered in order to avoid creating pollution through mass production.


Mock-Up Generator

You can create a professional mock-up for your clothing designs using the clothing samples and models we provide you.


Customize, Buy, & Sell

You have the ability to create your own designs and sell them on the same platform or your own while earning passive income.


Wholesale Storage & Distribution

Store your products for free at our warehouse, receive progressive discounts for bulk orders, and get free samples with our wholesale services.


Circular & Incentivized Economy

We're creating a wholistic rewards system that rewards people for shopping sustainably by allowing them to earn Respect Points (RP) which they can redeem for discounts and free stuff. We're also creating a program that allows people to resell their unwanted clothing, so nothing goes to waste!

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Our customers love us

Read what some of our previous customers have said about our clothing. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and perfect rating on Google, and hope to keep it that way!

"COOL CLOTHING! Loving the style, the feel and of course the look. Definitely compliments my personal style!"

- Caroline W. (Australia)

"The Elevate jacket is so comfortable and soft and it's great for working out. It's both casual and athletic and fits really well. And I like that the company is focused on sustainability and ethics. Highly recommend!"

- Laura D. (London)

"Thank you so much Elevate. I absolutely love the clothes that I ordered and I was pleasantly surprised to see how thick and well-made they are. I'll be buying more soon!"

- Mia B. (Spain)

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